Solar Farm Initiatives

Low-cost Electricity

Alongside conventional lower carbon generation, Kilroot Energy Park also seeks to deliver low-cost electricity generation using our greatest natural resources.

Initiative Solar Farm Low cost electricity
Initiative Solar Farm converting sunlight

Converting Sunlight

A proposed solar farm fits with this principle by converting sunlight to electricity for export to the grid or for use on site.

Grid Balancing

If linked with the existing energy storage, this could also provide grid balancing services by storing electricity harnessed from solar power for use at a later time.

Initiative Solar Farm Grid balancing
Initiative Solar Farm Solar Farm

Sensitive Transition

The potential of siting a solar farm between conventional generation on site and existing residential areas is being explored as this will create a sensitive transition in power generation development thereby respecting existing neighbours.

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With the potential for up to £600m of investment in a range of technologies and electricity generation solutions, it aims to be one of the most important milestones in the decarbonisation of our electricity generation system.