CHP Plant Initiatives

Generating Renewable Electricity

A proposed Multi Fuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility is under consideration as this allows the opportunity to provide another form of renewable electricity generation on site. This facility converts the energy left in residual material such as wood and other fuel sources, into electricity using a conventional steam cycle.

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Initiative CHP low cost heat

Low Cost Heat

In addition to the CHP process producing electricity, the facility could enable low cost heat and cooling to a potential data centre, R&D facility and/or clean tech businesses that could locate adjacent to the Kilroot site, including the neighbouring Kilroot Business Park.

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Pre-Application Community Consultation

This proposal is currently undergoing a formal process of Pre-Application Community Consultation before a planning application is submitted to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

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With the potential for up to £600m of investment in a range of technologies and electricity generation solutions, it aims to be one of the most important milestones in the decarbonisation of our electricity generation system.