Kilroot power station

EP Kilroot

EP Kilroot is a subsidiary of EP UK Investments (EPUKI) which is an energy company primarily focusing on power generation from conventional and renewable sources.

They acquired Kilroot Power Station in June 2019 along with Ballylumford Power Station. EPUKI also owns and operates a number of other power generating units in the UK.

As the new owner of the Kilroot Power Station site, EPUKI is seeking to invest significantly in the creation of Kilroot Energy Park, leading the way in decarbonisation whilst supporting jobs and maintaining the rates base in the borough to help deliver local services.

Kilroot Energy Park

Kilroot Energy Park aspires to be the largest ever single investment in electricity generation in Northern Ireland.

With the potential for up to £600m of investment in a range of technologies and electricity generation solutions, it aims to be one of the most important milestones in the decarbonisation of our electricity generation system.

For many years coal fired generating plant at Kilroot has provided a hugely strategic and important source of electricity for homes and businesses across Northern Ireland.

As we move towards ending the use of coal and aim for increasingly greater levels of low carbon and renewable electricity, the Kilroot Energy Park will provide new highly flexible gas generation to complement the use of renewable energy on our system on a daily basis.

In addition to this, we are considering a variety of other forms of renewable energy on the 230-acre site, including solar, battery storage, hydrogen and multi-fuel combined heat and power generation as well as a data centre.

The Energy Park seeks to become a centre of excellence and understanding for all aspects of electricity generation within Northern Ireland and for this reason, we propose to build an

Education and Learning centre within the site, allowing schools and people from all walks of life, to come and learn about how we strive to produce electricity in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner possible.

The proposed development of Kilroot Energy Park marks a huge moment in transitioning one of the most important energy infrastructure assets in Northern Ireland to a lower carbon, highly flexible and efficient form of gas-powered generation.