EV Charging Initiatives

Future Proofed

One of the key guiding principles underpinning the development of Kilroot Energy Park is to ensure the potential layout and uses are future proofed. Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the most sustainable forms of transport and an important part of meeting global goals on climate change.

Initiative Ev charging Future proofed
Initiative Ev charging Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Increased usage of Electric Vehicles will reduce reliance on petrol and diesel cars thereby mitigating the impact of air pollution and carbon emissions. Convenient and affordable charging infrastructure is crucial in the switch to electric vehicles.

Charging Stations

The EV charging area within Kilroot Energy Park could include a number of parking bays adjacent to EV charging stations so vehicles can be charged on site. Charging stations are likely to have different power outputs with a typical size above 10 kW to enable fast charging of Electric Vehicles.

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Initiative Ev charging charging stations

With the potential for up to £600m of investment in a range of technologies and electricity generation solutions, it aims to be one of the most important milestones in the decarbonisation of our electricity generation system.