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Over 700 MW of lower carbon and renewable energy

The proposed development of Kilroot Energy Park provides the opportunity for an array of lower carbon and renewable energy technologies to be deployed on the site, with a potential total output capacity of over 700MW, significantly helping Northern Ireland play its part in tackling climate change.

Potential Benefit 2

Powering up to 500,000 homes

For many years coal fired generating plant at Kilroot has provided a hugely strategic and important source of electricity for homes across Northern Ireland. If taken forward, Kilroot Energy Park has the potential to continue that vital role in powering up to half a million homes.

Investment benefit

Over £600m investment

Kilroot Energy Park aspires to be the largest ever single investment in electricity generation in Northern Ireland. This significant investment will undoubtedly help the local economy at a very challenging time and demonstrates the commitment of the EP UK Investments to the local market.

Potential Benefit 4

200+ high quality jobs during construction

While all proposed uses within the masterplan will be subject to the relevant consenting regimes prior to construction, the entire masterplan has the potential to support over 200 high quality jobs during construction with hundreds of local firms benefitting through the supply chain as a result.

Potential Benefit 5

150+ full time operational jobs

The Kilroot Energy Park vision presents the opportunity to safeguard vital jobs at this location. It is estimated that over 150 full time operational staff would be required to run the component parts of the energy park as set out in the aspirational masterplan.

Potential Benefit 6

Significant long-term contribution to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council economy

The Kilroot site plays a significant economic role in the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area. The new masterplan vision represents a real commitment from the new owners to work to deliver a long-term contribution to the Borough. Central to this will be the substantial rates income per annum which will help fund local services.

Potential Benefit 7

Secures vital indigenous generation underpinning security of electricity supply for Northern Ireland

NI continues to make great strides increasing renewable generation however this is provided from intermittent sources such as wind and solar. Kilroot Energy Park offers a diverse mix of indigenous generation to deliver security of supply.